Interfood & Drink

07 — 10 November 2012

Food industry
General Information



Event edition:  11th 

Location of event:Inter Expo Center

Profile of exhibitors:Food and drinks, packaging, machinery, technologies

Target audience : professionals and general public

Organized by: Bulgarreklama Agency 

The 11th edition of  INTERFOOD & DRINK International Specialised Exhibition took  place at Inter Expo Center. The exhibition proved to be one of the most significant national and Balkan professional forums of food industry, where domestic and international companies and experts from the sector could annually review food novelties, packaging, technologies and machines, as well as to make useful business contacts and agreements.




INTERFOOD & DRINKhad a massive international participation this year from Bulgarian and  companies from 11 other countries. Half of them were foreign companies, where the major share belongs to Italian companies, companies from Greece, Turkeyand others.

Canned vegetables, fish, fruit and vegetable purees, sugar –sweetened fruit cans, compotes, jams, marmalades, chocolate and confectionery products, ice cream, instant foods and drinks, olive oil, olives, olive paste, ingredients, coffee, herbal and fruit teas, spices , soups, organic, semi-finished and finished products for consumption - these were just some of the wide range of food and drinks shown at the exhibition.

Collective participation of companies from a number of countries this year indicated the ambitions of each country to provide food, drinks and other products distinguishing the country at international markets.

A premiere with collective participation on behalf of Greek companies exhibiting typical Greek fruits, vegetables, fish and fish products, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and peppers in brine, delis, salt, etc. There were trade facilitation exhibits - refrigerators and equipment for stores, labels, equipment for Chinese shops and restaurants, and more.

National participation of companies from Turkeyshowed halva, honey, jam, chocolate and confectionery products, frozen food, olives, oil, including corn oil, margarine and other foods and open the gates to the industry of the country.

Spazio Italia and about 30 represented Italian companies took us to their native Italy. Their exhibits and the " Italian taste Laboratory " program,enriched with daily lessons and demonstrations, took the visitors to Italian regions and flavours, let them taste  wines, spirits, liqueurs, Italian cheese and rose jam, find out how to make a real Italian pizza, specialties from different regions of the country and, of course, true and unique Italian ice cream.

There were also a number of interesting proposals by individual exhibitors. Retailers exchanged ideas how to diversify sales of products such as fish, red and black caviar, Russian vodka, Moldovan brandy or favourite Russian sweets. There were some good offers for restaurant-keepers who would like to include in their menu some oriental cuisine – a variety of dry and frozen products, kitchen utensils and cookware, kitchenware, decorations and more. The Italian –made DeliXia ®Milk Caramel with its uniquely delicate flavor, only 6% fat, high-energy, containing sugar, preservatives and colorings, was of certain interest to all confectioners. Romanian cuisine approached us with exhibits like canned vegetables, purees, pasta sauces, fruit jams and fruit compotes and typical Romanian mixtures.

The range of products included a variety of jellies,  jams, diabetic products, preserves, fruit and other fillings, extra virgin olive oil, organic olive oil, olives "Kalamon" ,the world renowned Kalamata balsamic vinegar, original green walnuts jam and pure honey from Sredna gora mountain, MAMA ready-to-cook pasta - market leader on Thailand market,and more.

TheBIO ZONEwas held for a third successive year in partnership with the Bulgarian Organic Products Association and the Bulgarian Organic Trade Association, exclusively dedicated to certified commodities of organic farming and organic production.There was held BIO ZONE 2012 Conference on "Challenges of organic sector on the threshold of the new Common Agricultural Policy 2014-2020 Financial perspective.

Certified Organic fruit, cold pressed Rosehip seed oil, health products, beauty and body care in several product groups, organic honey, beans, potatoes, pumpkins, dried apple and plum cuts and many other food and cosmetics items were among certified organic products. These include organic wine, organic flour, organic sunflower, organic cans and vinegar. Cold pressed Aronia fruit juice and natural vitaminized low-alcohol Aronia drink enjoy an increasing consumers demand.

It was the second successive year for “DIET AND FITNESS” ZONE to present healthy and dietetic products

The healthy food and drinks feature products like the South Korean  "Enzyme smoothie" breakfast made of a rich mixture of nuts and dried vegetables, functional drinks, drinks with ginkgo biloba and the world-famous Morning Power ™ hangover relieving drink.

The exhibition offer drinks of unique flavor and usefulness,such as the instant "Chicory" drink by "Zdorovye" ,instant "Indo Mie"noodles, Bulgarian herbal and fruit teas from cultivated medicinal plants.

There were aslo quality ingredients of organic quality - home sprout growing kits, emulsifiers and stabilizers for ice cream production and confectionery, chocolate coating, dry fermentation agents and yeast, stabilizers, fruit oils, lemon and orange peels, vanilla bourbon, rice sweeteners - dextrose, dried extracts ,etc.

It was the third successive year for The Association of Slow Food Convivia in Bulgaria to present their nationally popular concept for distinguishing traditional Bulgarian food from conventional foodstuffs. Amongst the variety of exhibited products, there again was a focus on our national culinary treasures. There was held interesting Press conference on topic“With Focus on details  – The place of small producers and family farms in modern agriculture”and was held anannouncement of  the foundation of  the Association "For tradition and entrepreneurship in agriculture"

It was the first time to be hold a unique exhibition of  boutique "Wedding Cakes" as a challenge for masters of confectionery arts to showcase their talent and creativity. During the Parade there were demonstrated of 24 cakes - masterpieces of various masters in the industry. The participants were from different towns of Bulgarian: Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Popovo, Karlovo, Velingrad, Shumen, Blagoevgrad, Gabrovo, Sevlievo, Stara Zagora, Dimitrovgrad.

Industrial technologies, machines and systems for various activities in food industry were crucial to achieve higher standards and best practice, such as the unique Kuvings Silend juicer- cold pressing technology for all kinds of fruits and vegetables,  physical,chemical and microbiological analyzes of water or food, systems for purification of drinking and industrial water, etc..

There were companies exhibiting packaging, adhesive labels and other types of labels, machines and equipment (refrigerators, ice cream and packed ice freezers ,wine coolers,cooperage products, etc.), integrated business management and advertising systems, warehouse facilities and logistics.

INTERFOOD & DRINK featured booths presenting the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Bulgarian Organic Product Association,the Bulgarian Organic Trade Association, the Italian Chamber of Commerce, the Agency for promotion abroad and internationalization of Italian enterprises ,the Bulgarian Association of Slow Food Convivia, the Union of processors of fruits and vegetables and many other organizations with activities contributing to the effective development of business contacts and the food and drinks markets.


What was new in 2012?

  Hungarian-Bulgarian business forum

  Commercial visit by a business delegation from Jordan

  Business delegation’s visit form town of Aydin, Turkey

  Tastings under the motto: "Let’s rediscover tradition", organized by the Bulgarian Union of the Processors of Fruit and Vegetables

  It was the first time for SIHRE - the 12th edition of the exhibition for hotel, restaurant, catering and spa equipment to be held in parallel with the above -mentioned exhibitions. The parallel holding of the food and drink exhibitions and SIHRE was a great success for both business participants and consumers of products and services in both sectors.

INTERFOOD & DRINK welcomes Bulgarian and foreign visitors - professionals and industry experts each year. 14 182 Bulgarian and foreign specialists and general public visited the exhibitions devoted to developments in the food industry and horeca sector. Professionals and guests from Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Cyprus, Kosovo, Slovenia, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, CzechRepublic, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Russia, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, United Kingdom, Finland, Moldova, Argentina, South Korea, South Africa, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ukraine, Egypt, Thailand, Jordan, were among the visitors.

Plan your participation!

Meet you again at INTERFOOD & DRINK: 6 – 9 November 2013 г. at Inter Expo Center-Sofia.


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Project Manager Maria Zheliazkova

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Project Manager Gabriela Lyubenova

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Exhibition organizer Anelia Bochukova

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Stands Designer Eleonora Janeva

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Congress & Event Activities Irina Angelova

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