Hunting, fishing, sport

14 — 17 September 2017

Hunting and Sport Weapons, Fishing Accessories, Sport
General Information

Event Dates : 14 - 17.09.2017

Frequency: 25-th edition

Venue: Inter Expo Center - Sofia
Profile: Hunting and fishing equipment, sporting goods
Organized by: Inter Expo Center Ltd. and "Hunting and Fishing" Ltd.

Тicket price - 4 lv.


Working hours:

14th  - 16th of september                        10.00 - 19.00 ч.

17th of september                                  10.00 - 17.00 ч.


For exhibitors

Why participate in the exhibition?

- "Nasluka-hunting, fishing, sports" is the right place to demonstrate the benefits and qualities of your products and services

- The exhibition provides an opportunity to expand the business by creating new contacts with potential business partners

- You can make direct sales and win new customers

- This is the only autumn exhibition for everyone whose hobby is related to nature and leisure

At the last edition in 2016, the exhibition "Nasluka- hunting ,fishing, sports" registered  a 10% growth both in the number of exhibitors and occupied areas, as well as in the number of visitors. Among the thousands of guests at the forum were fans of hunting, fishing, sports and tourism from the country and abroad.



The "Nasluka - hunting, fishing, sport" exhibition is jointly organized by Inter Expo Center Ltd. and "Hunting and Fishing" Ltd. Every year it presents the latest innovations of world-known producers of goods for hunting, fishing, sports and tourism. The exhibition attracts everyone who is interested in hunting and fishing, or just looking for original ideas for leisure or hobby. Trying to be of maximum use for all the hunters, the autumn edition of the exhibition will be held just before the start of the big game hunting season. The same time of the year is known to be perfect for fishing, whether in rivers and lakes or at sea. Visitors may negotiate favorable prices for fishing goods, weapons, ammunition and everything they need. The expert advise regarding the purchase of the most appropriate equipment for the loved hobby will be as usually free of charge.

The last edition of the international exhibition was visited by more than 6500 fishing and hunting fans.


The NIKON - MONARCH 7I VR Laser Rangefinder
ROSBUL ARM presents Vincenzo Bernardelli's semiautomatic hunting rifle
EXTREME SPORT takes care of choosing the right equipment
CHUNCHE offers knives for hunting, fishing and sport, according to any requirement













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Construction contracts for exhibitors with stands erected by outer construction companies: Maria Pencheva

Construction contracts for exhibitors with stands erected by outer construction companies
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