From 7 to 9 March Inter Expo Center will host three exhibitions – for energy efficiency, waste management and smart cities. The opening of the forum organized by Via Expo, attended by Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Violeta Komitova and Deputy Energy Minister Konstantin Delisivkov.

"The problems of energy efficiency, green energy, smart cities and the environment are global problems affecting all the mankind and nature. There is no global solution for them, they are always local, consisting of many small steps, improvements, innovations and small policies that lead to sustainable development, "said Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Violeta Komitova. Europe’s agenda already includes clean energy, said Deputy Energy Minister Konstantin Delisivkov, according to whom the high-energy intensity of Bulgarian industry should not be seen only as a problem but as an opportunity.

Within the 13th consecutive Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, visitors will learn about modern solutions for energy saving and renewable energy. The event provides a choice of ecological and cost-effective technologies.

During the 8th edition of the exhibition Waste Management and Recycling, the focus will be put on technologies to optimize the processing of waste systems for the production of pellets from wood, straw, sunflower husks, even garbage, and also modern equipment for installations for extraction, purification, storage and utilization of biogas and landfill gas. At the exhibition, there will be participants from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, South Korea and Switzerland and others.

The 5th International Conference and Exhibition on Smart Cities aims to promote modern technologies and working practices that can make the cities more environmentally friendly and efficient systems. The emphasis in the program this year will be the panel "The Enigma of eHealth", during which will be discussed topics concerning the elements of eHealth, the Norwegian experience in implementing successful initiatives in eHealth solutions to digitize healthcare.