This year, during World of Furniture and Technomebel (24-28 April) ,there will be held THE booth - the first contest among exhibitors to present the best booth. Organizers of the initiative are Inter Expo Center and the Branch Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture Industry (BCWFI).

The contest participants will be assessed on three criteria: originality of design, precision of performance and arrangement of the exhibits.

The winner will be selected by a five-member jury with foreign participation, composed of: Assoc. Prof. Miroslav Bogdanov (associate professor of spatial design), Georgi Penkov (having 30 years of experience in fair advertising, design and construction of booths), Vihra Ognyanova (organizer of exhibitions and promotional events), Andrei Trayanov (organizer of participation in international exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad) and Andras Koos - architect, product and interior designer.