The medical exhibition Bulmedica/Buldental is now in full swing. The first day was extremely rich in events for visitors and specialists. The second and third day will not disappoint anyone, and we keep going the same way, comment the organizers from Inter Expo Center.

"Until now, our guests have been able to see the school for parents with expert advising how to make 3D printing in dentistry, while a large number of them have measured their blood sugar levels with a screening test for diabetes risk," added from the exhibition center.

Mom and Baby - a School for Moms and Moms-To-Be organized by the Credoweb medical platform, raised a huge interest. Three professional lecturers shared how each woman could become a successful and knowledgeable mother. Dr. Vyara Kostadinova - neonatologist from Acibadem City Clinic Tokuda Hospital provided many details about the care of the newborn children. In her turn, the breastfeeding instructor Stefka Tabakova told about the myths and the reality of breastfeeding. Yana Rakovski delighted all visitors with baby gymnastics.

Metabolic diseases – a workshop on genetics, epigenetics and proteomics - the epigenetics of metabolic diseases with the moderator Prof. Besim Memedi takes place on the second day of the exhibition. The lecturer Diyan Ganev will discuss the specifics of insulin genetics and epigenetics. Gene Therapy - The Way to Genomic Editing is the topic to be addressed by Assoc. Prof. Ivanka Dimova. Aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry is also a highlight in the program on the second day of Bulmedica / Buldental. All courses, seminars and lectures can be followed here:

Bulmedica / Buldental will be held from 17th to 19th of May at Inter Expo Center with opening hours -9.30 am -6.00 pm. The event ticket costs BGN 5.