High quality weapons, modular systems, gun cases and holsters, equipment, various accessories. The hunting enthusiasts will find all these and many other products at the exhibition “Nasluka – Hunting, Fishing, Sport” 2017 which will be held from 14th to 17th September at Inter Expo Center – Sofia.

The weapons

Every hunter knows that he must own a reliable and high quality weapon which suits his hand and is, of course, beautiful. Visitors will discover the semiautomatic hunting rifle of the Italian producer Vincenzo Bernardelli in the ROSBUL ARM booth. This shotgun features a two-position gas piston which is intended for maximum easy change from light to heavy cartridges. This hunting semiautomatic shotgun is available in caliber 12/76 and 20/76.

Ardent hunters will also enjoy Benelli  828U Silver 12/76 with Lock Plate locking mechanism presented by VIP Orazheini Kompleksi. Benelli 828U uses a hardened steel plate which locks in the barrel. This weapon features ejectors and aluminum barrel case. The company will also present the carbine Blaser R8 Baronesse Semi Weight 8x68S featuring elegant deer engraving on the barrel case and handle cap. This weapon has a fluted cold forged barrel with diameter of 19 mm, length of 650 mm and caliber 8x68S. This shotgun features a mechanical gunsight and front sight and can be equipped with a support for attaching additional sights.

The hunting carbine Anschutz 1727F German Stock cal. 17 HMR will be displayed in the Zarimex booth. This rifle features a two-stage trigger and linear bolt which enables the hunter to quickly reshoot with a single movement of the wrist. With initial speed of 777 m/sec. and extremely flat trajectory, the cartridge can be combined with a wide range of bullets. Chunche will present products for those who like hunting, fishing, sport, folding and diving knives. This company will present products of Kershaw Knive, Oregon, USA. 1094HBT Hunter's blade trader includes a set of two replaceable hunting 9,2 cm blades and 15,2 cm saw.

Sights for better catch

At the exhibition “Nasluka – Hunting, Fishing, Sport” 2017 the hunting enthusiasts will discover various gun sights, e.g., Zeiss Conquest V6 2-12x50 ASV ret.60 – modern optical devices presented by VIP Orazheini Kompleksi which are suitable for both large distances and chase or ambush hunting. It features FL milti-coated lenses for 92% light transmission combined with 50 mm front lens diameter. Therefore, this product is also suitable for activities at dusk.

The thermal imaging units TP Logic will be displayed in the Zarimex booth. This product features a thermal-wave sensor. Representatives of the American company Sellmark, the producer of Sightmark and Firefield sights, will also be present in the above exhibition booth, as well as the producers of Nordic Heat clothing with built-in heating.

Visitors will also discover the Nikon MONARCH 7i VR laser rangefinder presented by Profiled. This device efficiently reduces the image vibrations in the viewfinder caused by hand movements. The waterproof and antimist features make this product suitable for use in challenging weather conditions.

Choosing the right equipment

The choice of proper equipment is a key element of the practice of hunting, fishing and sport. During the “Nasluka – Hunting, Fishing, Sport” 2017 exhibition, the visitors will discover a variety of products presented by the exhibitors. The water resistant jacket ORIGIN KHAKI presented by EXTREME SPORT and Alpina’s winter hunting footwear HUNTER HEAT with built-in ALPENHEAT heating system will enhance your comfort during the winter. The Hawker all-season hinting sets of Seeland Denmark and Nordic Heat clothing with built-in heating systems will be presented in the Zarimex exhibition booth.

International dog show will be held on 16 September within the framework of the exhibition with participants from Bulgaria and abroad. The fishing enthusiasts will learn new fly casting techniques presented by Piero Letizia during his daily live demonstrations. From 14th to 16th September, the doors of the exhibition “Nasluka – Hunting, Fishing, Sport” 2017 will be open from 10.00 to 19.00, and on 17 September until 17.00.