From 16 to 18 May Inter Expo Center will become the center of Bulgarian medical and dental sector

We are just a few hours away from the opening one of the most significant events in the field of medicine. The Bulmedica/Buldental International Exhibition will be held at Inter Expo Center and will open its doors for visitors on May 16 at 9.30 am. Within 3 days, until 18.00, products by more than 200 companies from 20 countries can be reviewed, as well as over 250 of the latest innovations in the medical and dental sector. The 52nd edition of the event will also be enriched with an intriguing side-events program that includes demonstrations, lectures, seminars, practical courses, presentations, and more.

This year's edition of Bulmedica/Buldental will present a wide range of products in the field of medicine. In the exhibition halls, we will review the new developments from the world of gynecology and cardiology, including portable ultrasonic systems and a new generation of echographs, while for the sector of physiotherapy - a mobile ultrasound device, an apparatus for electrotherapy with low and medium frequency currents. The products for diagnostic will include an ankle-brachial indexing machine, a platform for rapid diagnosis. In aesthetic medicine sector, the specialists will find tools for solving problems imperfect skin and permanent hair removal systems, antiaging strategies for the doctor’s surgery. A special web platform will be presented with software for managing the services offered by doctor’s surgeries, orthopedic shoes and insoles made on an individual model. The exhibitors will also demonstrate novelties for the doctor’s surgery - sterilization with steam and packing, printers used for orthopantomography and X-rays, metal wardrobes and cabinets, magnifying glasses for surgeons, medical clothing. In the field of alternative medicine, visitors will find oxygen therapy, light therapy system, vitamins and nutritional supplements, and more.

Exhibitors in the field of dentistry will offer a variety of dental treatment solutions. For endodontics, the specialists will find wireless endodontic motors and motors with built-in apex locator and light, files for root canal machining, files with controlled memory alloy from heat-treated nickel-titanium, and more. Among the products for orthodontics there will be double nickel-titanium rings, while for aesthetic medicine there will be offered a variety of composites.

The exhibitors will present an extensive list of products for implantology, which is among the highlights this year. The stands will demonstrate dental implants and implant systems, piezoceramic devices, implant placement technologies, porous and volume-stabilized collagen matrices for soft tissue restoration, etc. In the oral health sector, visitors will find products for oral mucosal irritation, wounds, and sores, and products for tissue repair and wound healing after implant placing, tooth extraction, and for oral hygiene - a wide range of offers.

In the field of prosthetic dentistry, exhibitors will present novelties from the field of dental design software, digital design solutions for modeling and die casting, equipment for prosthetic dentistry, 3D chrome-cobalt printers, and auto-mixing machines. Among the products for the dental office there will be presented ideas for a customized furnishing of workplaces, offers for facilities and others, while in the field of dental equipment and machinery - dental chairs, micromotors, dental units, dental microscopes, in-depth panoramic cameras, compressors, dry aspiration systems and water purification systems, air/water separators. 3D print, intraoral scanners, scanners for prosthetic dentistry, laser dental technology, and X-ray machines will be offered by the companies for the needs of dental radiographic analysis and imaging diagnostics.

A full list and details of all exhibitors and their products can be reviewed here.

In addition to the extensive exhibition program, Bulmedica/Buldental will present a useful series of accompanying events to be held from 16 to 18 May. The socially significant program of the exhibition includes a series of screening campaigns to measure blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as blood oxygen levels, screening campaign for thyroid disease, Lectures on topics such as "Myths and Facts about Metabolism. How To Increase Metabolism? " " Modern Methods for Diagnosis and Therapy in Oncology, "as well as a number of other demonstrations and presentations related to topical issues from the world of medicine. You can read the entire program here.

Bulmedica / Buldental 2018 will be expecting you from 16 to 18 May every day from 9:30 to 18:00.

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